Double trouble

Hello Big Dog.

Hello Little Dog.

What have you two been up to?

*guilty looks*



5 Responses to “Double trouble”

  1. Amy Says:

    Was just doing a hunt for NZ blogs and came across your wee blog, and this post made me laugh out loud! We constantly come home to snow… soft toys decapitated and de-stuffed all over the place.
    What a pain but sooo cute!

  2. kimberlee Says:

    oh my gosh, someday this will be funny

  3. marky Says:


    We must have the same canine decorator!! I have actually had several..The first was a nice rescue Greyhound, that thought my windows were much nicer without custom mini-blinds…besides he needed toothpicks.

    Now we have two chihuahuas that like to pull the kingsized blankets off our bed and drag them into the front room to use for sleeping mats to watch TV by when we are go to work for the day!!

  4. Betherann Says:

    Oh sad! But the post is funny…

  5. Kim Cooper Says:

    At least you have furniture my old lab Barney when he was a pup chewed my dining room table, chairs. sideboard. carpet. curatins and chewed a big hole in the sitting room door that we could crawl through. We do laugh about it now. But sadly we lost Barney when he was 16. And he was still had the devil in him up till the end.

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