Cheeky monkeys

I’m making more of these dolls at the moment for my niece, my god-daughters, and a little girl whose godmother I might just pretend to be as she’s so cute.

Annoyingly, after cutting, basting and sewing 24 pieces for six heads, I started stuffing one, and realised I had used an earlier version of the template, and the doll looked like a blockhead. Why did I decide to do six at once, and not try one first to check I was using the right pieces? Grrr.

So, no more dolls to show you, yet, but here are some monkeys I made last year instead.

The big monkey is called Shanadee. He was named, and accessorised by my niece.

The pattern for these is Cedrich the Monkey by Roxycraft.


7 Responses to “Cheeky monkeys”

  1. Sarah Skeen Says:

    These are adorable!

  2. geckogrrl Says:

    I love these! I remember them from before… And the doll you made is just so precious (I love her hair btw — really cute!)

  3. kimberlee Says:

    cute monkeys

    I have done that before too

    cut out many pieces all the wrong shape, upside down fabric, or both. 🙂 you are not alone

  4. Simone Says:

    The monkeys are sooo cute!!!

  5. Yurancha Says:

    Very beautiful! So cute! you have a fantastic blog. You are in my friends blog.

  6. Makimaki « The little house by the sea Says:

    […] made him using the same pattern as the other monkeys, but Makimaki is made from a 50% wool 50% acrylic blend I picked up at spotlight.It was horrible to […]

  7. JoolzR Says:

    Love the apes. Did you know that Maki is Madagascan for baby lemur?

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