What my three year old niece said…

… to my step-mother:

  • Tinkerbelle: Mormor, what are you doing?
  • Mormor: I’m putting on make-up so I look beautiful. Would you like some?
  • Tinkerbelle: No, thank you. I’m already beautiful.


… to my sister, her mummy:

  • Tinkerbelle (standing by the window, watching the rain): Cracking gooseberries!  It’s raining hard.
  • Mummy: ????????

Next day…

  • Tinkerbelle: Mummy, can I say ‘Shagging gooseberries?’
  • Mummy (trying to keep a straight face): No.


Ah, I miss that little girl. Only three weeks now until I see them all. Can’t wait.


One Response to “What my three year old niece said…”

  1. geckogrrl Says:

    How cute! Kids are so funny.

    It’s so great you’ll be able to see your niece so soon!

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