What I did yesterday instead of work

Toadstool Cottage

Because making a pincushion is so much more important than doing the two reports I have to write, making the dolls I’ve promised the children, taking the dogs for a walk, or doing housework.


3 Responses to “What I did yesterday instead of work”

  1. Sarah B Says:

    Hi. I think these are just aodrable so they’ve become a half term project for me and my step daughter. Hope you won’t mind but have linked to you from my blog. They’re just so lovely I wanted to share them!

  2. Fernanda Says:

    Hi! I’ve just finished the mushroom and I am so much loving it. Thanks a lot for all the work you’ve done with the tutorial and this beautiful design. I just posted the pictures of it on my blog and the link to your blog which is so cute!

  3. morskaia Says:

    Thanks you big for a pattern. Has sewed for the son a mushroom. Only the window and a door at me open. Here http://mama-ia.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-post_05.html
    Once again thanks you! Your mushroom is, of course, better! I only study 🙂

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