Four going on fourteen

Not long after my niece turned four, she and my sister were in the car. My sister said to my niece, “It will be so funny when you’re a teenager. You might not like Mummy and Daddy very much.”

“Why not?” asked my niece.

“Well, you’ll think we’re old and boring, and you’ll find us embarrassing.”

“But why?”

“Because that’s what teenagers are like.”


A few moments later: “Mummy?”


“I don’t like your singing even now.”


5 Responses to “Four going on fourteen”

  1. adagiago Says:


    love the honesty.

  2. jo Says:


  3. links for 2008-12-02 « Unjustly Says:

    […] Four going on fourteen « The little house by the sea Kids nowadays. I tell you! (tags: kids parenting parents humor) […]

  4. bookwormbethie Says:

    THAT is hilarious!!!

  5. bookwormbethie Says:

    P.S. Someone else made your toadstool too! That’s how I found you.

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