Books I’ve read this year #3

“Engleby” by Sebastian Faulks.

I read pretty quickly, and if I like a book can finish it off in a couple of days.

It has taken me three months to read this book. I didn’t like it. In fact, if I didn’t have a rule that I have to finish reading a book once I’ve started it, I wouldn’t have finished it at all.

The Guardian’s “Digested reads” didn’t think much of this book, either.


2 Responses to “Books I’ve read this year #3”

  1. dottycookie Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t like it. We had this for our reading group and I very much enjoyed it – maybe ‘like’ is the wrong word since there wasn’t much to like about the main character. Though before it all went wrong his lack of socail skills did remind me a lot of a couple of people I went to college with – eeeek!

  2. Jacoline Says:

    Hi thanks for visiting my blog. We had a great week in Cooks Beach. Great to know that you live there. Do you like it and do do like it in NZ. I think it is great here.
    Love to read your blog so keep going.
    Have a good week.

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