Works in progress

This last fortnight I have mainly been writing a 30,000 word report (30,000 words – eek!)  But I’ve also been trying to do some crafting in the evenings so my head doesn’t explode.

First of all, from a woollen blanket I found in the op shop that had this cool label:


I made this stack of felt:


(Following mollychicken’s directions.)

Looks nice, doesn’t it?

And I have almost finished making this:


(Inspired by mollychicken. I should just rename this post “An homage to mollychicken”.)

The sewing’s a bit wonky, especially the bits I did after I’d had a couple of glasses of wine, but never mind.  Maybe the cat hair will cover it up. Once this is finished it will be winging its way off to the UK as a very late birthday present for a friend. So late, in fact, that I might just pretend it’s an early present for this year.

Then what else?  Ah, the baby blanket. Thank you for the nice comments about this. I did start to unravel it, but then decided to put it away for a bit. When I looked at it again after a couple of weeks I decided I did like it after all, but was still worried that my friend would think it was garish, so sent her an email with a picture saying, “What do you think? Please tell me if you hate it. Or tell me if you have so many baby blankets already that you won’t ever use it.” (Which was my cunning way of giving her a get out clause so she could pretend she loved it even if she didn’t, but could turn down the gift without hurting my feelings. Obviously, if she had said that I would have thought she secretly hated it, anyway.) Well, my friend thought I was mad, and said how on earth did I think she could hate something I had made especially for her. So….. I finished off the last few rows (cursing the whole time about the rows I had unravelled), then started sewing in the ends, then realised I had no wool for the border, and THEN realised that my other friend who is expecting a baby is due in FOUR WEEKS’ TIME, so made a start on a blanket for her, too.

So now I have 3 unfinished projects, and I still haven’t finished the 30,000 word report.


One Response to “Works in progress”

  1. Miss Smith Says:

    Oh my. Your felt looks AMAZING. And your felt project looks great, too. I almost feel like making a new robot looking at that lovely pile of fabric.

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