Books I’ve read this year #13 – 15

“Airs and Graces” by Erica James
“Time for a Change” by Erica James
“The Wedding” by Nicholas Sparkes

A few weeks ago I drove down to see my friend in Cambridge, and on the way stopped for a wander around Te Aroha. While there I popped into a wool shop, and was surprised to see they also sold cheap books. Really cheap books, in fact: $8 for a brand new paperback. So in my excitement I bought three.

Well, it’s a good job they were so cheap as they were all crap.

Erica James’s books are a bit like Joanna Trollope’s, but with less likeable characters, boring storylines and poorly developed plots. One of them was about a woman who got divorced and ended up losing her lovely big house and could only afford to buy a little old cottage with its own barn attached, on a big plot of land, next to a stream within walking distance of a little market town. She sets up her own business that quickly becomes very successful. The reader is supposed to feel sorry for her. She decides to marry the solicitor who handled her divorce even though she doesn’t love him, but he’s got an even bigger house than the one she used to live in. Then along comes another man who is perfect for her, but – surprise, surprise! – she doesn’t realise. Even when she was having sex with him on the sitting room floor. Her solicitor turns out to be a rotter (he’s actually lovely all the way through then suddenly is revealed to be a rotter, with no clues as to his true personality beforehand whatsoever), so she dumps him and runs off with Mr Perfect.

I can’t even remember what the other book was about as it was so boring.

And the Nicholas Sparkes book? I found it plodding and dull, which is a shame as I really liked “The Notebook”.


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