What my husband’s colleague said to my husband

It’s Fieldays this week: the largest agricultural event in the southern hemisphere. My husband has to go with his colleagues, and he asked if I wanted to join them. “What is it?” I asked, “What would I like about it?”

“There’s tractors,” he said. “And farming stuff, and stalls and… stuff.”

Hmmmm. “What time are you leaving?”

“Six o’clock.”

I’m not going.

Then today, my husband came home from work and said, “Bill at work wanted to know if you were coming with us to Fieldays. He says I should tell you there are a couple of stands in one corner that sell potato peelers and cleaning products and saucepans, and that all the women love them.”

Potato peelers? That changes everything. I thought it was going to be all sheep dip and stuff. But potato peelers? Oh yes, I’d definitely get up at 5 am to see those.

Apparently, the girls at work think Bill is a bit sexist.


4 Responses to “What my husband’s colleague said to my husband”

  1. Dawn Nelson Says:

    Potato peelers? I’m surprised you didn’t hit your hubby for even repeating that story. Sigh. When will men learn? I grew up in a rural community and there’s nothing interesting about cows and cutest pet shows. I went back to the agricultural show (to basically humour my parents) a couple of years ago and couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Cow dung isn’t that attractive! (and neither were my ex school friends!)

  2. Calypso Says:

    Oh, he was laughing as he told me the story – he was as astounded as I was! You have reassured me about missing the show – it’s a three hour journey there and three hours back, and I’d have to be there all day…

  3. Dawn Nelson Says:

    Don’t go. Washing the toilet floor is preferable to that!

  4. val Says:

    be still my beating heart….the allure of a potato peeler. How funny! Bill doesn’t get out much, does he?

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