I FINALLY finished the baby blanket

Remember the stripy blanket I blogged about a few months ago? The one I started before Christmas, was making when my sis was here in February, and that I didn’t think I liked and frogged a quarter of it before deciding it was actually okay? That one. The pain in the arse blanket. Well, I finally got round to sewing in all the ends and finished crocheting the border yesterday. Aaargh, those ends. There should have been about 5000 of them, but because bloody Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky wool has loads of breaks in it, I ended up with about 50 times that many.

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but, honestly, I reckon one in three of the balls of wool I bought had breaks that had simply been knotted together in them, which was Very Frustrating Indeed. Why does that happen? And why do you only discover a knot right near the end of a row?

Anyway, here’s the blanket:


Hmmm, looks a bit wonky. Maybe I should have blocked it. But it’s going to be covered in poo and sick soon anyway, so maybe a little wonkiness doesn’t matter.

That pic’s not very good – it doesn’t show off the colours very well.


That’s not much better, is it? Ah well.

I’m wondering if maybe I should have done the border in a different colour – maybe the red or the brown. Never mind, too late now: I fly to the UK on Tuesday and haven’t even started thinking about my packing, so no time to change it now.


3 Responses to “I FINALLY finished the baby blanket”

  1. Georganna Says:

    Very pretty and a little Cath Kidston-ish!

  2. megan rose Says:

    What a gorgeous blanket. Good on you for hanging in there and finishing it. Me, I would have hidden it half-finished under the bed.


    Hi love your site! Are you on Facebook?
    Where did you get the pattern for the cardigan?One pic it is striped the other in browns. Really want to make it for grandkids thanks! Char

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