Books I’ve read this year #25

“Ordeal by Innocence” by Agatha Christie.

50 year old copy bought in a junk shop last week for $8 – bargain!  Loved it, but then I do like a bit of Agatha Christie.


3 Responses to “Books I’ve read this year #25”

  1. megan rose Says:

    Ooo, that’s one of my favourite Agatha Christie’s. There is a brilliant (BBC?) TV movie of it too.

  2. Calypso Says:

    I have you to thank for that book, really. I read on your blog that you liked Agatha Christie, which reminded me that I actually like her books, too, but, for some reason, I hardly ever read them – no idea why. So when I saw this in the junk shop I thought “aha, I’ll have that.” Thank you for reminding me about her.

  3. pom pom Says:

    You must be in the UK. My husband is in New Zealand for a visit right now. I found your blog just today and I love the blanket you made, your book reviews and the idea of your house beside the sea. Blessings!

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