Books I’ve read this year #29

“The Beach House” by Jane Green.

Oh dear, keeping a list of books I’ve read on this blog is showing me just how low-brow much of my reading matter is.  I quite enjoyed this, low-brow as it is, but what made me laugh is that one of the central characters turns out to be gay, and the only clue to this (before he came out) was that he was obsessively tidy.  I’ve spent quite a lot of time with gay men in the last few weeks, and am wondering if I should tell them they can’t really be gay given the state of their houses…


One Response to “Books I’ve read this year #29”

  1. booboobunny Says:

    oh dear, i bought this one too. holiday reading i thought (as if – it’s not as if the gang would be any less demanding of my time just because we’d flown off to foreign shores). anyway, i got as far a page 8 but wasn’t really enjoying it, then mad missis Q said she’d finished her mills & boon and asked to borrow something of mine, so i happily gave it up. that’ll be the last i see of that. hoorah!

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