Books I’ve read this year #33

“A Town Like Alice” by Nevil Shute.



2 Responses to “Books I’ve read this year #33”

  1. booboobunny Says:

    i feel i should try to read this one (it’s a classic isn’t it??). can you give me a plot precis please? (actually, remember i do not like historical stuff so don’t bother if it’s based in the 18th century!). it will be an irritating one to read as i’ll have to put up with missis Q constantly reminding me that she is one of the few people in the world who have been to alice springs. it’s in Australia see, and she’s been there…..twice. aaaaargh!

    by contrast i have just bought the exceptionally low brow (but funny) Cityboy. i’ll book depository it to you if you like…..

  2. Calypso Says:

    Well, you know, it’s not really about Alice Springs at all. In fact, it doesn’t even mention Australia until about halfway through, which threw me a bit and I had to go to Amazon to check it was the book I thought I’d heard of. It’s about a girl who is held as a PoW in WWII, and then she moves to Australia (I won’t tell you why, because that would spoil the plot) and she tries to make the town she’s moved to become like Alice Springs, because Alice Springs is such a bonza town.

    There, now you see why I don’t usually write about the books I read. It is fab, though, and you should read it just so you can tell Missis Q that it’s not really about Alice Springs.

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