Two colour beanie

I have a friend who always complains that I never make anything for her. I have told her that the best way to ensure I make her something is to have another baby, but she didn’t seem keen on that idea. I have finally given in to her nagging, and started on making hats for her children. This is the first one.

Two colour spiral hat2

Pattern: none. I made this up as I went along, and guessed at the size based on my own head – I just made the hat a bit tight for me, and hope it fits a 10 year old. (Of course, it would have been best if I had used proper measurements, but my friend hasn’t got a tape measure.) I’ll probably write the pattern up, so I can make this again – it’s nice doing spiral stripes because you have hardly any ends to sew in.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton – roughly half a ball each of 39011 (the green) and 39014 (the blue).

UPDATE: Pattern now available here!


3 Responses to “Two colour beanie”

  1. donna r. Says:

    hi, i found your site quite by accident while looking for crocheted slippers. i have to say if that is truly the view you have anywhere near your house, I am quite jealous. Nice pattern for the slippers btw. take care

  2. Calypso Says:

    Thank you! That view is near my house, yes, though sadly it’s not the view from my back garden: I took the picture just up the road from where I live.

  3. Rabeea Says:

    My cousin was asking me to make her a pair of slippers, which i found on ur site, thankfully. i will make it as soon as she sends me yarn for it. anyways, the view is superb! I wish i see it myself!

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