Things that have made me happy today

Miss Smith asks, “What are you feeling happy about today?”

Well, today I am happy that:

  • the cat pooed on my husband’s clothes, not mine;
  • by pooing on my husband’s clothes the cat has demonstrated that I am right when I say the best place for dirty clothes is in the laundry basket, not on the floor;
  • my friend loves the slippers I made her;
  • her daughter also loves the slippers and keeps trying to steal them, so I am making her a pair, too, which makes me happy because it’s so nice to have such grateful recipients of the stuff I make;
  • spring has sprung, and I’m looking forward to the longer evenings;
  • the lady who wrote me two horrible passive-aggressive notes accusing me of neglecting my dogs because I left them alone for 12 hours in the garden with food, water, shelter and bones apologised profusely, and now thinks I am a sweetheart (though if I had said out loud the things I was thinking in my head she may have revised her opinion!);
  • my dogs hate said old bag;
  • my husband will be home soon, and we are having nachos tonight.

2 Responses to “Things that have made me happy today”

  1. UK lass in US Says:

    Darn. I’ve been skim reading your blog and now I’m going to have to add it to that feed-reader thing. I really didn’t need another blog to read – I haven’t even caught up on this summer, yet. Tch.

  2. Celeste Lytle Says:

    I showed my daughter your blog about cats and dogs because it was damn funny and then she kept reading until she came across the slippers and now she wants me to make her a pair! I think I will after I make myself some of your toadstools!

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