Goodness, is it November already?

Where did October go to?

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments recently – I’m very behind in replying to email and comments, but I really do appreciate every one, even if I don’t always get around to saying so.

I’ve spent the past three weeks working full-time – I’ve no idea how I ever managed to get anything done when I worked full-time. But now my work is done, and I have a few days to do what I please – hurrah! But first, my hovel needs some cleaning, then I’ve got some serious crafting to catch up on.

See you soon!


One Response to “Goodness, is it November already?”

  1. ellie thompson Says:

    to the very talented lady thats lives in the little house by the sea.

    I have just joined a group of ladies that have a craft stall for our local hospital. Going through the internet trying to get some good ideas for craft, I came across your mushroom and toadstool pattern. I have made the toadstool and it looks great. As I would like to make them for the stall can I please have your permisson.
    I will not make any money out of this at all. Everything we do is donated. The stall is trying to make money to buy the extra things that the hospial needs.

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