Books I’ve read this year #43 – 44

“The Other Boleyn Girl” by Philippa Gregory

Well, this was a very readable book, but the author seemed to pay very scant regard to historical fact. It’s a good job Anne Boleyn died several hundred years ago, or I think she’d be suing the author for libel. After reading this I had a desire to read a proper history book for a change, and went to the library to see what they had, and… nothing. I have more history books than the library has. I think I’ll donate all my books to the library when I die.

“A Foreign Field” by Ben MacIntyre

This book was brilliant – it is the true account of four British soldiers who were left behind by their regiments when the British army retreated early in the First World War, and who were taken in by French villagers and lived among them undetected by the occupying Germans for two years.

I found both of these books on my bookshelf, unread. How spoilt I was when I lived in London and could buy handfuls of cheap books and not even bother to read them. Though I don’t think I’d have bought the Philippa Gregory book – that must have been a present.


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