Appliqué flowers


Before framing…
Applique flowers

And after.
Applique flowers

The frame is a scrap-booking frame from Spotlight, which I painted Raw Umber.


8 Responses to “Appliqué flowers”

  1. dottycookie Says:

    Very pretty!

  2. Kimara Says:

    I adore this applique picture. I especially love the bright colors and the multiple textures. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be linking on Facebook.

  3. Emma Says:

    I just wandered over here from Dottycookie. This is absolutely exquisite! I shall be back!

  4. withinaquarterinch Says:

    love it! Must have been difficult to stitch on that background!

  5. Pom Pom Says:

    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! I love it!

  6. The Clip Cafe Says:

    Hi Just letting you know I used an image of a softie you made for inspiration for my softie swap – I linked back to your page – please let me know if this is not okay Thanks Kind regards V ( page might not be up yet am just organizing it now)

  7. Applique Letters Says:

    Applique Letters…

    […]Appliqué flowers « The little house by the sea[…]…

  8. manycrafts Says:

    Really pretty!

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