Books I’ve read this year #19 – 40

Every time I’ve finished a book this year, I have added it to the pile of books I’ve read thinking, “I really must write a post about the books I’ve read this year before this pile falls over.” This morning the pile fell over.

Ngaio Marsh “Death in a White Tie”
Ngaio Marsh “Overture to Death”
Ngaio Marsh “Death at the Bar”
Ngaio Marsh “The Nursing Home Murder”
Ngaio Marsh “Surfeit of Lampreys”
Ngaio Marsh “Vintage Murder”
Ngaio Marsh “Died in the Wool”
Marilynne Robinson “Home”
David Nicholls “One Day”
Justine Picardie “Truth or Dare”
Patrick Gale “The Facts of Life”
Patrick Gale “Rough Music”
Patrick Gale “Ease”
Patrick Gale “Friendly Fire”
Joanna Trollope “Friday Nights”
Ian Rankin “The Flood”
Sarah Brown, Gil McNeil and Hugo Tagholm (eds) “Journey to the Sea”
Ruth Rendell “Wolf to the Slaughter”
Jodi Picoult “Handle with Care”
C J Sansom “Winter in Madrid”
Susan Hill “Air & Angels”
Dorothy Sheridan (ed) “Wartime Women”


4 Responses to “Books I’ve read this year #19 – 40”

  1. Tilly Says:

    Which one is your favourite so far?

  2. Rose Says:

    I love Ngaio!

  3. Rose Says:

    P.S. Thank you for the slipper pattern. (–something-for-me.aspx) It’s great and quick!

  4. 狙击气枪 Says:


    Books I’ve read this year #19 – 40 | The little house by the sea

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