Testing again



10 Responses to “Testing again”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Oh, I do hope this means you’re resuming blogging! I just stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your previous entries and projects. Can’t wait to read more!


    I agree with Melanie! I just found your site too and have enjoyed reading past posts!

  3. Calypso Says:

    Awww, that’s nice; thank you! I am planning on blogging again soon…. watch this space.

  4. Shumaila Says:

    Wow wow wow ! I’m so glad to see you again. I loved your Mary Jane Slippers Pattern. I was just posting about them on my blog and came to your blog to link and found your “Testing” Post !

    Hope to see your projects soon!

  5. gmaw2000 Says:

    I followed your slippers pattern on Ravelry to your blog. You are certainly very talented. I look forward to seeing more of your postings and trying the patterns you have posted.

  6. Karen Lloyd Says:

    Calypso – Wanted to make sure you saw the new book Cotton Floss by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches. The mushroom on the front looks very similar to your mushroom pattern from 2008.

    Here is a post from her blog book tour:


  7. Shane Says:

    Dear Calypso

    I’ve just come to your blog via ‘Bountifully’ – who posted about your gorgeous Mary Jane crocheted shoes!
    Thank you so much for your free pattern, I’m going to try and make them for my two little grandaughters who live in France!

    I’m in Auckland and I’m guessing your up north of me!

    I do hope you will post again – love the flavour of your blog.

    Shane :))

  8. Niki Says:

    You have a true “gift of gab” as we say in the U.S. You use simple concepts in your blog that everyone relates to. Thanks for sharing your gift. As my husband snores next to me and my laptop, your stories gave me a chuckle.
    Keep crocheting. Your cables are great.

  9. jamie Says:

    Are you on Facebook? I just finished a mushroom if you wanted to see a picture!!

  10. gmaw2000 Says:

    Shoot… I had hoped to see a posting from Calypso…guess patience is going to have do for now.

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