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The cats repurpose things, too

August 26, 2008

Not to be outdone by the dogs, my cats decided to join in the repurposing fun. I’ve got a lovely little chest of drawers that I bought 8 years ago when I bought my first home. Oh, I love this chest of drawers. And so do my cats – look what they’ve done!

I could have cried when I saw how bad it was. And, do you know, when I told the cats how disappointed I was with their behaviour, they weren’t in the least concerned? In fact, I could swear they sneered at me, and said it served me right for bringing dogs into their house.

Anyway, I sanded it down, but some of the gouges were so deep that I couldn’t make it smooth without planing away at the wood. So, I decided I would paint it in the hope that that would at least discourage the cats from using it as a scratching post anymore. This is the result:

Eventually, I am going to paint the hall white – the yellow doesn’t look too bad in that picture, but in real life it is horrible. I think white will really set off the kauri floorboards. I have been hinting to my husband that it would be lovely if he painted the hall for me as a surprise when I am in the UK, but he gave me the same sort of look the cats did when I told them off for scratching the chest of drawers.

I love how tidy the hall looks in the pic above. Of course, the camera never lies…