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Planning, planning

August 27, 2009

I have so many ideas going through my mind at the moment, and I keep jumping from project to project, starting one thing, then another, then thinking of something else, and not actually making any progress on any of them. I have a few people I want to make things for in the next few months, and also a few things I promised to make people a few months ago… oops. So, today, right now, I am going to make a plan. Or at least a list of things to do.

In no particular order…

1) Rag doll.

I promised to make one of these for my friend’s birthday. Her birthday was last November. Maybe I could get this done in time for her birthday this year?

2) Slippers

My friend wants some crocheted slippers. I have been looking at the free patterns on Ravelry, but while there are some that a similar to what I want, none of them are exactly what I want. So, I am designing my own. This is how far I’ve got:


If it works, I’ll make a matching one, and write up the pattern.

3) Hooded cardigan.

I’ve already spent hours designing this, but haven’t crocheted a single stitch so far. I do, I think, have the makings of a pattern, in several sizes. So, my plan is to crochet this in two sizes to see if it works, and if it does, to write up the pattern for future reference. One of the cardigans I am going to make is for my newest god-daughter, and the other for one of my other god-daughters, whose birthday in is October, because she was born just after I got married and emigrated, and I have never made her a single thing…

4) Hmmm, which reminds me, I’ve also never made a thing for my god-son, whose birthday is also in October. Must think of something to make him. A hat, perhaps? I want to write up the pattern for the hat I made the other day, so that could work…

5 & 6) More hats.

No idea what kind, yet. Will have a think about that.

That’s enough to be going on with for today, I think. Not that I’m going to do any of it today, oh no. Today, I am starting the spring cleaning. Oh joy!


Things I’m going to make one day – Little Birdie Advent Calendar

December 2, 2008

Look at these – they’re so cute: Little Birdie Advent Calendar

Things I’m going to make one day (# 8,652)

November 10, 2008

A love heart applique thing.

I love this – it is so simple, and such a lovely mix of colours. I have got as far as buying some old woollen blankets from the op shop. One of them was covered with cat hairs – the lady in the op shop was very apologetic about it until I explained that within 10 minutes of being in my house the other one would match it perfectly. I suppose I should get the hair off before dying the blankets, but maybe the dye will disguise the hair…?

Things I’m going to make one day (# 5,386*)

November 7, 2008

Some pillow case dresses for my niece.

* OK, I’m exaggerating, but it sometimes feels as if there are that many things that I plan to make one day…..

Amigurumi eggs

September 1, 2008

Just added these to my list of things I want to make one day… they’re eggs-cellent!