Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers

Mary-Jane slippers

Crocheted Mary Jane slippers

Mary-Jane slippers

Mary-Jane slippers

Mary-Jane slippers

Fancy making some slippers?  Here’s the pattern I devised for the Mary-Jane slippers I made for my friend.  Each slipper is made in one piece, so there are no seams, and they are made in double crochet (single crochet if you’re American).

Please note: this free pattern is not for resale. All rights reserved. No part of the pattern may be reproduced in any form. The written instructions, photographs, design, and pattern are intended for personal, non-commercial use only i.e. you are not permitted to sell any items made using this pattern.

I have checked and re-checked the pattern, but if you use it and find any mistakes, or if anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to email me at thelittlehousebythesea at hotmail dot com.  Oh, and if you make these, please add a pic of them to the Flickr group.


  • Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton or any other Aran weight yarn – 50g/ 82m of main colour and a few metres (about 8.5 m) in contrasting colour
  • Hook size 5 mm
  • Four pieces of contrasting yarn to use as markers
  • 2 buttons – the ones I used have a diameter of 1.5 cm.
  • Large blunt ended needle

Stitches used

  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet (single crochet if you’re American)
  • dc2tog – double crochet two stitches together (decrease)


12 stitches and 18 rows to 10 cm or 4 inches measured over double crochet using a 5 mm hook.


At the gauge stated above, the slippers will fit UK size 4 – 6.5 (EU size 37 – 39.5, US size 6.5 – 9).  They might fit a UK size 7 (EU 40, US 9.5) but I haven’t been able to get someone with this size feet to try them on to check.

It doesn’t matter too much if your gauge is not exact because the slippers are designed to stretch to fit, but you don’t want your gauge to be too different as then your slippers might not fit.  If your feet at are at the smaller end of the range and you are getting a couple more than 12 stitches to 10cm/ 4 inches, then the slippers will probably still fit, especially if you are using wool rather than cotton.  If not, try a larger hook size.  If your feet are at the larger end of the range and you are getting fewer stitches to 10 cm/ 4 inches, then, again, the slippers will probably still fit, but if not, try a smaller hook size.



The toe-cap is worked in one continuous round, or spiral as follows:

Foundation chain: using 5 mm hook, chain 6.

Round 1: dc into second chain from hook, dc into next 3 chains, 3 dc into last chain, then continue double-crocheting up the other side of chain as follows: dc into next three chains, 2dc in last chain (12 stitches).

Picture 1: the first round

Blog - picture 1

Round 2: dc into each of next 5 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch, dc into each of next 5 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch (16 stitches)

Round 3: dc into each of next 6 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch, dc into each of next 7 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch, dc into next stitch (20 stitches)

Round 4: dc into each of next 7 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch, dc into each of next 9 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch, dc into next 2 stitches (24 stitches)

Round 5: dc into each stitch (24 stitches)

Round 6: dc into each stitch (24 stitches)


The sole continues on from the toe-cap, and is worked in rows as follows:

Row 1: dc into first 8 stitches of round 6.  Mark first and last stitch in the row, and also the two stitches of the toe-cap on either side of the row, as shown in picture 2.  1 chain. Turn. (8 stitches)

Picture 2: stitches marked with contrasting yarn

Blog - picture 2

Row 2: dc into each stitch. 1 chain. Turn. (8 stitches)

Rows 3 – 13: as row 2.

Row 14: 2 dc into first stitch, dc into next 6 stitches, 2 dc into last stitch. (10 stitches). 1 chain.  Turn.

Row 15: dc into each stitch. 1 chain.  Turn.  (10 stitches)

Rows 16 – 19: as row 15.

Row 20: 2 dc into first stitch, dc into next 8 stitches, 2 dc into last stitch.  1 chain. Turn. (12 stitches)

Row 21: dc into each stitch.  1 chain. Turn. (12 stitches).

Rows 22-23: as row 21.

Row 24: dc into first 2 stitches, dc2tog, dc into next 4 stitches, dc2tog, dc into last 2 stitches. 1 chain.  Turn. (10 stitches)

Row 25: dc into first 2 stitches, dc2tog, dc into next 2 stitches, dc2tog, dc into last 2 stitches. 1 chain.  Turn. (8 stitches)

Row 26: dc into first 2 stitches, dc2tog. dc2tog, dc into last 2 stitches. 1 chain.  Turn.  (6 stitches)

Row 27: dc into first stitch. dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into last stitch. (4 stitches).  DO NOT TURN.  With contrasting thread mark first and last stitches in rows 26 and 27.

Picture 3: toe-cap and sole, showing marked stitches

Blog - picture 3


You will now work the rest of the slipper in rounds.

Round 1: with bottom of sole facing you, dc into each row end (26 stitches) dc into each stitch on toe-cap (17 stitches) dc up the row ends on the other side (26 stitches) and dc into the 4 stitches on the back. (73 stitches).  Move the markers as you crochet so that the ends of the each side, toe-cap and back are marked.

Round 2: repeat round 1

In rounds 3 – 6 you will decrease at both ends of each side, and at each side of the toe-cap by double-crocheting together the first two and last two stitches of both sides and the toe-cap as follows:

Round 3: dc2tog, dc into next 22 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 13 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 22 stitches, dc2 tog, dc into last 4 stitches (67 stitches)

Round 4: dc2tog, dc into next 20 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 11 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 20 stitches, dc2 tog, dc into last 4 stitches (61 stitches)

Round 5: dc2tog, dc into next 18 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 9 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 18 stitches, dc2 tog, dc into last 4 stitches (55 stitches)

Round 6: dc2tog, dc into next 16 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 7 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 16 stitches, dc2tog, dc into last 3 stitches, and slip stitch into last stitch. Cut yarn leaving a loose end to weave in. (49 stitches)

The final two rounds are worked in a contrasting yarn. First of all you make a chain and button hole for the strap, and then you join the yarn to the slippers and continue shaping the upper as follows:

Strap: With colour for trim, chain 5. Slip stitch into chain furthest from hook to form a loop (this will be the buttonhole: if your buttons have a diameter greater than 1.5 cm, then you may need to increase the size of this loop).  Then chain 16.

Picture 4: strap

Blog - picture 4


Left slipper

Round 7: Join chain to left slipper on the right side in the 8th stitch from the front right corner (see picture 5 ). You will then continue crocheting around the upper, decreasing at the corners and heel as in rounds 3 – 6 as follows: dc into next 7 stitches, dc2tog, dc into 4 stitches along back of slipper, dc2tog, dc into next 14 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 5 stitches (across toe-cap) dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 7 stitches (the last dc goes into the same stitch that you joined the chain to the slipper).  Then dc up one side of the chain you made (16 stitches), dc into each chain in the loop (5 stitches), and dc back down the other side of the chain (16 stitches).

Picture 5: joining the strap to the left slipper

Blog - picture 5b

Picture 6:round 7, just before crocheting up the strap

Blog - picture 6

Right slipper

Round 7: Join chain to right slipper on the left side in the 8th stitch from the front left corner. You will then continue crocheting around the upper, decreasing at the corners and heel as in rounds 3 – 6 as follows: dc into next 6 stitches, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next five stitches (across toe-cap), dc2tog, dc2tog, dc into next 14 stitches, dc2tog, dc into 4 stitches, dc2tog, dc into next 8 stitches (the last dc goes into the same stitch that you joined the chain to the slipper).  Then dc up one side of the chain you made (16 stitches), dc into each chain in the loop (5 stitches), and dc back down the other side of the chain (16 stitches).

Both slippers

Round 8: dc into each dc along top of slipper until you come back to the strap, then cast off.

To finish: Weave in ends, and sew on buttons.


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    Ah, too cute! I’ve been looking for a pattern for something like this – thank you!

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    So cute! I want to make a pair 😀

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    I can’t wait to try these! Thanks for the pattern.

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    My girl friend likes this color so much, but she couldn’t do like this !! Thanks for your showing us.

    Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info.

  5. Katy Says:

    I’ve a lot of Mary Janes patterns but this one will be the one I’ll be making. Thanks bunches.

  6. Joy Says:

    I found your site last night and made a set already! Very easy and cute.

  7. Hayley Says:

    I’m making my sister a pair of these for christmas. Very easy pattern to follow and one of only a few I’ve found that is in British terminology.

  8. Sunny Says:

    These are exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’m very much looking forward to making them! What an excellent pattern! Thank you so much!

  9. Taylor Says:

    Thanks so much! i am in the middle of making a pair right now. I love slippers in the winter and grew out of my last pair. When I saw these, it was true love at first sight. LoL.

  10. Nichole Says:

    I love this pattern I have made 2 pairs of these slippers and everyone just loves them. It’s starting to get cold here in Michigan, USA and I love crocheting on these cold fall/winter days.

  11. colleen Says:

    i love this pattern i made my mom a pair for her b-day i found this pattern easy to follow. now i wish i have a pair of my own! i hope my mom loves her slippers as much as i do. (if she doesnt i’ll just take hers!) i recommend this pattern its super fast i made a pair in 2 days.

  12. Alice Says:

    These are adorable! Made a pair for myself and want to make a pair for a gift. Now, I am looking for a pattern for soccacins! Does anyone have one. Would love this pattern. Thank You!

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    Thank you for sharing the pattern.
    I’m looking for the pattern like this.

  14. Calypso Says:

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments – I’m so glad you like the slippers.

  15. chris Says:

    I am a novice at crocheting, I hope these are super easy as I want to make some for xmas gifts. The are super cute.

  16. chris Says:

    I am from calif. I hope these are super easy. I am a beginner and not very good a following directions. I am more of a visual learner. I will give them a try. The are very cute thanks

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    These definitely will not fit my US size 10 feet…but they’ll look cute on someone with dainty little feet. In any case, the pattern was easy to follow and fun to make. 🙂

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    I haven’t crocheted in years, and I don’t know how to read patterns. This was so easy I had them done with in 4 hours. The pattern was very easy to follow. Thank you for sharing. (oh, I made mine brown with pink trim and added a flower. They are a big hit)

  19. Kay Lene Says:

    My daughter hadn’t been wanted aniother pair of Mary Jane slippers, so I have been checking all of the websites. I ran across the pattern, so now if I find the time I will made her a pair. Years ago, my grandmother made me a pair. If I remember right her pattern looked like a small square purse. It wretched out to fit the foot.

  20. arlet Says:

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    My two girls age 11 and 14 want me to make these for them but I have only just learnt how to crochet. Thanks for the pattern they are very cute!

  22. Maria Escobar Says:

    The pattern indicates dc (double crochet) the pictures are in sc. (single crochet0 is there a difference in UK and USA abreviations? Thanks

  23. Calypso Says:

    Hi Maria, yes – the stitch known as single crochet in America is called double crochet in the UK. I did write that at the beginning of the pattern, but maybe I need to make it clearer.

    • Kelly Says:

      That’s what I’m doing wrong!!!! Sooooo glad I read this forum! I though these were meant for giants!! Lol

  24. Tawny Says:

    These are great!!! But they certainly need a bit of an extension for my feet, but I made an aqua-marine pair for my mum for Christmas. I’m adding an embroidery on the toe. Great pattern by the way!!! Sooo clear and easy to follow.

  25. Debbie Says:

    These are the cutest Mary Jane slippers I’ve seen. They look modern and easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern and for letting me know that it was in British Terminology so I would be aware of it as I made the slippers. Guess what I’ll be making for sisters and friends for Christmas??

  26. Debbie Says:

    I would like to make these for my grandaughter. She is only 3 yrs. old, so I would have to down size, but what I would like to know is there any way to make these with the skid dots on the bottom of the slipper? (to help them not fall when they run or walk).

    Thank You for any info you can give me.


  27. Calypso Says:

    I had an email from someone who said they had put little dots of Scribbles 3-D paint on the bottom of theirs to make them non-slip.

  28. Crystal Says:

    AMAZING!!! This pattern was so nicely written, and SO easy to understand! I am an “experienced beginner” at crochetting, and I had no problem making these! Thanks for the GREAT pattern! God Bless!!!

  29. Debbie Says:

    Calypso, Thanks for the tip on the dots with the scribble paints.

  30. Rachel Says:


    Thanks for this lovely pattern, I was looking for something just like this, I love the way you used photos at each stage, make s it much easier for a beginner like myself to understand, I can’t wait to make a pair of these!
    many thanks again!

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    i LOVE this pattern, i cant wait to make my own lil changes to work them up for my daughter. tyvm!

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    Very cute! I’ve never entertained the idea of crocheting socks or any other footwear before, but these are adorable… I think I know what my next project is.

  33. Joy Says:

    Thank you for posting this pattern! I love them! For the record, they do fit up to US size 10. 🙂

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    Thank you so much for sharing this “oh so cute” slipper pattern. I can not wait to make them for my mother and myself. Your pattern and pictures are awesome!! 🙂 Tamara

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    Super pattern – loving making them! Made them Beige (off brown) with orange trim!..Toooo Cute!!! Thanks

  36. Lila Says:

    These are super cute! I’m making a pair right now and the pattern is really easy to follow, which is good because I am new to crochet. I have my left slipper complete and can already tell it will be a titch too small for my ginormous feet. 😦 Because I am new to this I’m not sure the best way to go about making them a little bigger? Any suggestions? I was thinking about just adding a few extra rows in the sole between rows 3-13…does anyone think this would work??

  37. Lila Says:

    Thanks so much! I plan on using my first pair as a gift for my more petite-footed friend. 😉

  38. fatima gomez Says:

    I love how you showed pictures of the work some of the other sllippers that i have tried to make are really hard and confusing thank you for making it easier to make these ill be sure to teach my mom!:cheer: thank you! 🙂

  39. kanree Says:

    I am unable to get out much and crocheting helps to pass the time plus makes you feel better. Thank you for you great pattern. Could I use a smaller needle to make smaller slippers. how far down in size can I go without messing up the pattern Thanks Kanree

  40. Drensik Says:

    I just made a pair of these, they are so awesome! I’m very new to crochet, and the directions are very easy to follow. I tried looking for other patterns like this and they were all very confusing, and the end product didn’t look as nice. I’m thinking I might make these as Christmas gifts next year : D

  41. Lauren Says:

    These are indeed beatiful mary janes, probably up there with the best I’ve seen; however, I don’t know what you are talking about with the ‘single crochet in America is a double crochet in the Uk.’ That’s nonsense! I’m American, born in Memphis; my Mother is English, and taught me to crochet. I’ve lived in both countries for equal periods throughout my life, went to school mostly in the UK. My Mother taught me both the single crochet and the double crochet. These two crochet stitches are distinctly different no matter whether one is American or British.

  42. Debbie Says:

    5mm Hook,what size is that…(American)?..thanks

  43. Calypso Says:

    It’s H/8… I think!

  44. Pilar Says:

    hola, soy española y no entiendo nada, y quiero aprender a hacer estos zapatitos para dormir

  45. Andy Says:

    I love this pattern! I have a pair of these (store bought) and have about worn them through. Thanks!!

  46. Dani Says:

    I have been looking for a pattern for a friend of mines mother who has diabetes. She cannot wear shoes, so she is unable to attend church. I think this pattern is what I have been looking for because it is seamless. She has tiny feet so i hope I can adjust it.

  47. JULIE SIPLE Says:

    can’t down load the pattern

  48. Michele Says:

    Very kind you are sharing the pattern for these slippers…they are too expensive an crappy to buy! Thank you, I will use this respectfully!
    It is upsetting when someone might be using your work for profit (I just read your post above) I do not buy anything…hardly ever…it’s true!! And if I can make it myself – I will usually have a go but I would never sell anything that was not mine originally.

  49. jadch2 Says:

    Very nice design. Congratulations!!


  50. carol Says:

    I can’t believe it. I have been looking for free slipper patterns for the last hour and when I was ready to give up I came across this one. It is the exact pattern I was looking for and I can’t wait to get started on it. Thank you so much for posting it.

  51. Inggriet Says:

    I just start to make of this.
    This pattern is really enjoy to make and easy to understand.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the patterns.

  52. XwickedfairyflyX Says:

    After doing the toe it says to do 13 rows of 8 dc, it is SUPER long! WAY TOO LONG! I noticed in one of the diagrams, it looks like you only did 5 or 6 rows of 8 dc. HELP!! Please and thank you! 😉

    • Calypso Says:

      Ah, could the problem be that you are doing American double crochets instead of British double crochets? British double crochets are the same as American single crochets.

  53. Jan Says:

    Love the slippers…… can I come for a visit? Love the view!!! 😀 just joking!

  54. Diana Says:

    I love these slippers I have made several pairs, including one where I added eyes, ears and a tongue for puppy slippers, and a pair with a E(3.5mm) hook in a smaller size for my 4 year old daughter. thanks so much for this great pattern!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  56. jen brugger Says:

    i made a pair for me then used the pattern for my 3 year old. I just used a smaller yarn with a smaller needle and she loves them.

    Thank you for creating such an easy and fun pattern. I am going to make these for the new moms in my life to keep their feet warm on the way to the nursery.

    Thank you again!

  57. Michelle Neddo Says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Can’t wait to give these a try. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

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    I copyed your pattern, but only go the pictures not a pattern, could you help me on this /?????????

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    These are so nice. I really liked them, they are the best slipper pattern I have found so far. The pictures are really good and they helped me a alot

  60. Carmen Says:

    Hola Pilar. El inglés es un idioma sencillo,a mi entender,no estaría de más que aprendieses . He traducido el patrón a castellano ,ponte en contacto conmigo si quieres que compartamos.

  61. Cathy Says:

    oh my gosh thank you so much,
    i can make a pair in a day and i can’t wait to give the to all my family members for christmas

  62. MommiLuvzLadybugz Says:

    Hi!! I see you included instructions for larger adult feet, but what about the “little ladies”? I have a six year old and an eight year old who walk around the house bare foot on our hard wood floors all the time. I’m very old school, particularly when someone has a cold…you have to keep your feet warm. Their feet in inches measure 8″ and 8 1/2″. I saw someone who sent you a response on 8/6 @10:01 Jen Brugger. She said that she used a smaller needle and yarn…So hopefully this works. But, I have not crocheted for years. So, Getting a feel for things I think will take some time again. Pleas help if you can that way, I don’t have to run through too many trials and many errors. My “little ladies” become “little monsters” if they are waiting too long for anything…

    • Calypso Says:

      Hi, I made a pair using the same yarn, but a 4.5 mm hook to fit an 8 year old with 8″ long feet and they fit her. (I think I shortened the strap by a couple of stitches, too.)

  63. Sonja Greene Says:

    Love this pattern. Thanks for sharing and thanks also for the great details.

  64. sheila Says:

    Good morning. Love your slippers and want to try the pattern. One question..I know your DC is our (American) SC so when you say DC2tog…for Americans we should SC2tog? Seems silly to ask but want to be sure.

    Thank you!

  65. sheila Says:

    I am such a novice…can you use worsted weight yarn made out of acrylic and wool?

    Thanks again.

  66. Melanie Says:

    Hi. I just wanted to say I used Peaches n’ Cream cotton yarn for this and a US size H (5.00 mm) hook. The sizing works for larger feet as well. I normally wear a size US woman’s 11 and I have severe swelling in my feet and legs and these fit me perfectly without having to make any adjustments. And they work up in just a couple of hours! This was my first attempt at making any time of slippers and I found it very easy, once I remembered that a dc was actually a sc for me! 🙂

  67. Melanie Says:

    And extension of my previous comment: After reading others’ comments and seeing people say that these will not fit their size 10 feet, I have to say that YES they will! I wear a size 11 (US) and these fit me great. Not only do I have long feet, I also have SEVERE swelling due to some leg conditions and my feet are much thicker than normal and these still fit without being tight or binding. Even with the strap across them. I had considered leaving the strap off due to my swelling, but these give so much that I didn’t need to.

  68. RabidCrotcheter Says:

    Do you happen to be left handed? Because I have had to work like you are to get these to work right. I’ve only half way through the first one, I just wanted to know if you were.

    I think these are just GORGEOUS and will look great on my pregnant feet when I go to the hospital to have my baby 🙂

  69. RabidCrocheter Says:

    I totally spelled my Handle on here wrong. So wrong.

  70. RabidCrocheter Says:

    So Ive gotten two slippers made, one blue and one pink. Almost done with the matching blue. I wanted to let you know I love these and I will be posting pictures on my Ravelry page! I also read your post about that person selling your slippers. Sucky. I hope you dealt with them.

  71. NoviceCrocheter Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! The slippers look so much nicer than others I’ve seen and the pattern is explained so clearly! I can’t wait to try this out 🙂

  72. Leanne Says:

    The are amazing! I showed them to my friend and we have halted all our current projects just to make these! Thank you so much!!

  73. Shumaila Says:

    You have no idea how happy I’m to find this sooper cute slippers pattern. Thank you so much for making them free. THANK YOU !!!

  74. spiralmewtrix Says:

    These are awesome. I will definitely be making them soon! Thank you for posting this here for free. ^_^

  75. Lena Says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern. I’m a new crocheter, but I really want to give these a try. They are so whimsical. I love the colors you used.

  76. dorothy Says:

    im trying to make these for a 2 yr old. how would I re-size the pattern

  77. Amanda Says:

    Just darling! I’m in love with mine. I used a wool yarn and they’re wonderful for winter. I’m making these for all the ladies in my family this year for Christmas.
    I would second the question just before mine by Dorothy: is it possible to resize for children?

  78. Drensik Says:

    I’ve made myself a pair of these with no problems, but I’m now making some as Christmas gifts, and I decided to use Caron Simply Soft yarn because it feels a lot nicer than Red Heart (as least in my opinion)….However, the first one I made came out about 2/3 the size I need…I tried going up a hook size (to 5.5mm) and crocheting very loosely, but they are still small…I know they will stretch, but it literally hurts to put them on my feet. No way I’m giving that pair as a gift! I’m afraid going up another hook size will make them way too big….
    Any suggestions about making these with Simply Soft? I’m starting to think I should have started working on these earlier…..

    • Siti Says:

      I also have the same problem as you did. Do you have any idea how am I going to adjust it so that it fits me? Thanks. 🙂
      Regards, Siti.

  79. Lu Says:

    Just made these and I am a 9.5US, so now you know it fits!

  80. flavia Says:

    Hi, I love these mary janes, but I speak in spanish so it’s a bit difficult for me to ttranslate the stiches in spanish. Do you have a symbol pattern to understand better?
    thanks so much

  81. Kimzilla Says:

    First, I would like to thank you for this pattern. The slippers I made turned out very cute and cozy! I used black for the toe and bottom part, blue for the body, and black for the strap. I wear a US size 10 shoe (I’m not Kimzilla for nothing), so I decided to try this with a 5.5mm hook. My feet are slightly narrow for their length and that hook size was just perfect with this pattern. At only three or four hours per pair, I will be making many more of these!

  82. Margie Says:

    There is a problem with this pattern. When crocheting the sole you need to chain 2 and the end of each row and begin again in the second chain from hook. The first chain represents the first dc.

    • Calypso Says:

      Hi Margie, thanks for your comment. However, I am pretty confident that the pattern as written is correct, and that you only have to chain one and then turn. That’s how I have made all of my slippers. 🙂

  83. Londalou Says:

    I have made this pattern in various sizes. I love them. My grandbabies loved the ones I gave them for Christmas! Thanks for the pattern.

  84. clara Says:

    ty so much they look like some thing i might b able 2 actually do i have some patterns i would shre with u if u let me know what ure interested id doin.I chrochet dolls doilies and blankets

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  86. The Crafty Ninja Says:

    THANK YOU for making such an easy to follow pattern, even for a novice hooker like me. If you click on my facebook page [linked to my name here] you can see my version – I loved making them!

  87. Rachel Says:

    I don’t understand why you need yarn markers for this pattern. It can easily be done without them.. I think it would actually be harder with them. There is no point. But I love this pattern thank you!

  88. Carolina Says:

    I liked the slippers very much ^^
    And my, is that cotton yarn from Debbie Bliss as silky as it looks??? What a wonderful look!

    Thanks for sharing, that’s very kind 🙂

  89. Katie Says:

    Thank you for sharing your pattern. I’m almost finished with my first pair, but I’ve been thinking of who I could crochet other pairs for because I enjoyed making them so much. My next pair will be for a pregnant friend to wear during her stay in the hospital. These are way cuter than the hospital slipper socks!

  90. Melanie Says:

    Thanks so much for this great pattern! I just taught myself to crochet over Christmas and am absolutely addicted. I plan on making these slippers as well as your Moriarty hat. Your photos and step-by-step instructions make it very easy for a newbie. Thanks again!

  91. Hannah Says:

    I am so glad that i found this pattern!!!! i just finished the first slipper and working on the second and i sooooo love them!!!! thanks for sharing this with us all!!!!!!! My step dad even said he wanted a pair and i told him that he couldnt have these kind cuz they are Mary Janes for girls and he said “so ill be mary john” ha ha ha i laughed my butt off ha ha ha Thanks again for sharing this pattern!!! =-[)

  92. Ivonne Says:

    Thank you soo much for your free pattern! I made my first pair and loved them. I got a little carried away and I think I added an extra row and one of the slippers looks a little bit bigger than the other. I love them anyway. Made them for my sister that will be hospitalized shortly. Thanks again for your time and effort of giving us these easy to follow instructions!!!!

  93. Lee Says:

    I made these and they turned out fantastic, I’m wearing them right now – thanks so much for the tutorial – I needed it as I am a beginner at crochet.

  94. Gomitoli Magici » Blog Archive » >ballerine ad uncinetto Says:

    […] schema ci viene proposto, gratuitamente da the little house by thesea, sul suo blog, anche questa volta è tutto in inglese, ma davvero non scoraggiatevi!le spiegazioni, […]

  95. Jovette Brun Says:

    I tried to print your Mary Janr Slippers Why will it not Print?

  96. Slippers! Says:

    […] fell in love with these Mary Jane slippers in last October, started making them in November, completed them in February and […]

  97. gmaw2000 Says:

    I just finished making the first one of a pair.. being self taught and still a “Beginner” I found this pattern very easy to read and mostly very easy. I did struggle on the heel and toe cap decreases but for the most part it was easy. Thank you for sharing your design…I already have friends asking me to make them a pair!

  98. Angie Says:

    I just wanted you to know i made a pair of these yesterday. I’d been looking for a long time for a pattern i could fall in love with, and this was it.
    I posted a picture on my tumblr:

    Thanks for sharing your pattern. I’ve gotten tons of compliments!

  99. SewLindaAnn Says:

    Finally found your spot here so I can say thank you for the pattern. I just finished a pair for one sister in law and now making the other a pair.

  100. petites annonces Says:

    you will have a terrific blog right here! would you wish to make some invite posts on my blog?

  101. Crochet slippers | Bubble Tree House's Blog Says:

    […] months ago and I absolutely love it. While looking for simple projects online, I came across this tutorial for Mary Jane slippers. I thought they were the perfect present for my Mum’s birthday as I know she always likes to […]

  102. jewsunstar Says:

    Hello Calypso,
    I came across your tutorial few years back and I just have the courage to do it. Thank you for wonderful pattern. I just finish my first pair and post on Flicker group.

  103. Anne Says:

    These slippers are so cute. They fit perfectly, and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Excellent pattern.

  104. Easy Crochet Slippers | The Green Dragonfly Says:

    […] Good knits Little house by the sea […]

  105. j k Says:

    i would like to try these and would like to see more do you have an email newsletter

  106. Bobbie Smith Says:

    I have made a set of these and I do believe that my daughter (who is in the military) is gunna love them! I would like to make a pair for my older daughter. I had her try this pair on and they are like one or two rows too short. How do I go about making them at least a couple rows taller? I mean at which point in the pattern do I make the extra row(s)?

    • Calypso Says:

      To lengthen them, add a couple of rows in the sole before row 13, that is before you start the sole increases. I hope your daughters like them.

  107. Bobbie Smith Says:

    I don’t need to lengthen them, I need to make the upper taller. The length works, just not the height. I was thinking that I could add one extra round between 2 and 3. Then begin the decreasing in round four of the upper. Will that work for making the upper taller?

    • Calypso Says:

      Aha, I see. Sorry! Yes, adding an extra round before you start the decrease rounds should work, although I haven’t tried it myself so can’t say for sure.

  108. karma Says:

    Hello, thank you for this cute pattern! It is very easy to follow. I have a problem though…I have tried twice to make a slipper and they come out way to big! I think it is between row 3-13 where the problem is. I have made the adjustment from double crochet to single crochet for the US stitch. Any suggestions?

  109. Gera Says:

    Hi, I’ve just made one of these and it’s beautiful and so easy to do, your pattern is really clear and the pictures are very helpful. I made it a bit smaller for my niece in Holland, just did a few less rows on the sole bit and shortened the strap by a few chains. Now I just have to try to make the other one the same size!

  110. Crochet mary-jane slippers | in round under off Says:

    […] have been working on some mary-jane slippers since the weather got cold. I got a pattern from the little house by the sea which were incredibly easy to use after I worked out some alterations for my huge feet. They just […]

  111. camilla1234 Says:

    Hello there,

    I was looking for a pattern exactly like this, thanks for sharing!

    At first the sole came out ridiculously long, I think my wool or crochet hook was the wrong size, so I adjusted them much smaller. I was thinking of adding a bit more crochet decoration and lining to make these extra warm. These are going to be so great for winter.

    Thanks so much x

  112. Jenna Says:

    Great slippers! I already made a pair for myself and I want to make more (for me) in different colors! Thanks so much for sharing!

    (And btw, are these slippers okay to go in the wash?)


  113. Sandran Says:

    Could you please explain what “dc – double crochet (single crochet if you’re American)” means? I am an American.
    Do you have a pattern for slipper/socks for the beginner?

    • Calypso Says:

      It means that if you are American then the stitch used is the one you know as single crochet.

      I’m afraid I don’t have a pattern for slipper/ socks for the beginner, no.

  114. Sherelle Says:

    I just made myself a pair. I wear us size 8.5 and they do stretch to fit, but I think if I were to make another pair id use a 5.5mm hook, though I do tend to keep my stitches pretty tight.

  115. Caitlin Says:

    I just whipped up a pair of these this afternoon, and they are fantastic; I’ve already gone to buy yarn so I can make some into gifts for friends and family. Even though I stitch quite tightly, these fit my US size 9.5/10 feet just fine; I think my success partly stemmed from using fairly chunky yarn. The other benefit of that is that it leaves no gaps between the stitches, even when stretched over my feet, so there will be no chilly breezes making my toes cold this winter.

    Thanks so much for this great pattern. Not only does it look good when followed correctly (as with my right slipper), but it is also forgiving of a few mistakes (as with the left slipper)!

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    […]Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers « The little house by the sea[…]…

  117. wannabechefmysti Says:

    do you count the chain and turn as one of the stitches you count in parenthesis??? on the first row of the sole it says to dc 8 then chain and turn and this is supposed to equal 8 stitches….just want to clarify! thanks!!

  118. dirtyoldwoman Says:

    thank you!!!!!

  119. willowwonderings Says:

    I like it!

  120. jennetters Says:

    YAY!! I just finished my first slipper and it turned out EXACTLY right and fits wonderfully 🙂 I love this pattern. Thank you SO very much for sharing it with us!

  121. Janet Lovstrom Says:

    I love you, it took me most of the day, but I made your slippers yesterday. I have the flu so it took me all day. I can’t honestly say I followed the pattern exactly, but then I am not sure where I didn’t follow. They are not as pretty as yours, but I am very proud of them. Thank you for your pattern and pictures.

  122. wow_elonna Says:

    I love this pattern. It made great, quick little Christmas gifts for some of the women in my family, and they work up really quickly. A+! Also, thanks for putting the American info into the pattern for us Yanks.

  123. Knitting and Crochet by amiwi - Pearltrees Says:

    […] Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers « The little house by the sea Here’s the pattern I devised for the Mary-Jane slippers I made for my friend . Each slipper is made in one piece, so there are no seams, and they are made in double crochet (single crochet if you’re American). Please note: this free pattern is not for resale. All rights reserved. […]

  124. Katie Says:

    I am an American and began these slippers with a single crochet (known as dc in the UK). However, I’m confused about the dc2tog. Is that the same in the US and UK? Thanks for your help. I love the slippers! Can’t wait to finish them

    • Calypso Says:

      Hi there, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. dc2tog is sc2tog, i.e. single crochet two stitches together, in American terminology.

  125. Kristin Says:

    Pefect slipper pattern! Very cute and easy to make 🙂 Love them!

  126. Tina Says:

    This pattern is amazing! My friend wanted me to make her some slippers and this is just what she wanted. She gave me this kind of wavy yarn to use and boy was it hard to complete it but it looks great. Thanks for the pattern!

  127. quick house sale wa Says:

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    […]Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers « The little house by the sea[…]…

  128. Ciarline Says:

    Salve sono ciarline
    complimenti x le ballerine all uncinetto ..sono bellissime.
    Potrei avere le spiegazioni in italiano..Grazie e Buon Anno

  129. Zoe Pitts Clegg Says:

    Great pattern, quick and easy to make up and very pretty!

  130. Payday The Heist Free Download Says:

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    […]Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers « The little house by the sea[…]…

  131. Laura Says:

    This is such a great pattern. I am still a beginner but these were so easy. Thanks so much!!!

  132. Chris Says:

    I’m making them or a friend , but wanted to know if u slip stitch on the rounds for the toe part

  133. joomla templates Says:

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    […]Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers « The little house by the sea[…]…

  134. Donna Breitkreuz Says:

    Love the pattern! But is there any way you can change your page so that a person printing off the instructions (my computer is in one room, my crochet chair in another. . .) doesn’t have to waste paper and ink on 30 pages of comments? Thanks!

  135. Pinterest and my first Giveaway! | jakennicksmomma Says:

    […] Crochet Slippers I found on pinterest. Made 3 pair so far, and started a pair for me. (If you make them, I thought the strap was a little on the big side and only made it a chain of 14 instead of 16) […]

  136. Kayla Says:

    Great pattern, I love it. I had to make a slight pattern mod because my yarn was a little thicker and gadge a little loose. All I did was remove 2 rows in the sole, where your called to do 12 rows of 8 sc (american writer). I did 10 and the pattern still works great and fits my foot like a glove. Perfect for the cold weather in wisconsin. THANKS!

  137. heidi langlay-smith Says:

    i have been looking for a mary jane pattern for ages and this one is perfect. thankyou!

  138. Fuzzy Threads, LLC "All your pet needs" /"Get your fuzz on!" Says:

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    […]Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers « The little house by the sea[…]…

  139. Lissabones Says:

    Word to the speed readers like myself..make sure you have the right ply yarn before attempting this..or you will have little mini mary janes. Comical, yes…practical, no. LearnFromMyFail. 🙂 Instructions are very easy to understand though, I just started crocheting 3 days ago and didn’t have a single problem comprehending these steps (aside from aran weight) I was using my “practice” yarn which is 4 ply in case I didn’t like how it turned out. Will be trying this one again for sure…adult sized. LOL

  140. Project 01: Crocheted Mary Janes | Sreisaat Crafts Says:

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  141. Project Mary Jane slippers, shelved | Sreisaat Crafts Says:

    […] love the red-black combination. The pattern (from the Little House by the Sea) was very easy to follow as it only involves chains, double-crochets (single-crochets if […]

  142. Janet Lanci Says:

    You state that the slippers cannot be sold. My granddaughter’s Girl Scout troop are raising money to go to the Grand Cannon next summer 2013. I was hoping that I could make these and use them as a raffle item or sell some of them at the Ziti Fundraising dinners we are hosting. The girls must raise the money it is part of the badge they are earning. So I guess I am asking permission to make this slipper and sell it for fundraising purposes. I can give you the leaders name if you need it. Please email me and let me know if I can use your pattern this way. I think the pattern is cute and the slipper that is made with it will earn some money for the Girl Scouts.

  143. download Says:


    […]Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers « The little house by the sea[…]…

  144. shalini Says:

    i am a novice with crochet.. i have UK size 8 feet. will u plz tell me how to alter thye pattern to fit my feet.. lovely pattern.. please help m

  145. Tessa Says:

    Thank you so much. Mines are white and olive green. Lovely!

  146. kniter1 Says:

    Americans should use at least a I hook (5.5mm) or more. The 5mm stated for pattern makes a child size

  147. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Calypso! Thanks so much for your wonderful pattern and helpful accompanying photos. I made my own pair with some modifications and blogged about them here: I’m currently working on more pairs since I love your pattern so much! Thank you for sharing it with us all 🙂

  148. SilentKat Says:

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I want to make a pair for as a bday gift for a friend of mine. I do have one question though. I have only ever used acrylic worsted weight yarn. What kind of difference would this make with your pattern, do you think??

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  151. Lisa Hayes Says:

    If you wanted to make these larger or smaller, depending on the foot size (U.S.), would you use a larger or smaller hook, or change something else in the instructions to deal with the size change? They look very comfortable and easy as well. I do a lot of afghans, scarves, and belts, but have yet to try socks or slippers like these. thanks for the free pattern. If I have any questions, I’ll write someone.

  152. Crochet Slippers! | Says:

    […] upon them. She had used and made a few changes to the original free slipper pattern and tutorial here from The Little House by the Sea […]

  153. Wehaf Says:

    Hello; I hope you are still responding to comments on this post! I must be doing something wrong. In photo 2, is the original line of 6 chain stitches (obscured in the photo) running horizontally across the photo, parallel to the line of stitches across the top (row 1)? Because when I get to the end of round 6, if I crochet 8 more stitches, I will have 4 on one side of the original chain, 1 on top, and three on the other side. I suspect I should have them all on the same side, and that I counted wrong somewhere in the beginning. Can you confirm this? Thanks!

  154. Tığ İşi Bayan Çetik Patik Yapılışı | Hobi Fikirleri Yaratıcı El İşi Örnekleri Says:

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  155. Cindy Says:

    Just my two cents…I made two pair of these in hot pink, one pair for my mom and one pair for her CNA. They both love them and I didn’t have to do anything with the size difference. Mom wears a six and the other pr was for a size 8 1/2. Both fit perfect. Thank you for the pattern. Very kind.

  156. Mary Jane Slippers « Intentional Homemaker Says:

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  157. appunt Says:

    Gracias por compartirlo!!!

  158. Wendy Says:

    Thank you so very much for posting this pattern and the photos. The directions were clear and easy to follow. I just completed my first set and I am already in love with this pattern. I hope the friend I made them for will love them as much as I enjoyed making them for her.
    Thank you

  159. Aide Says:

    So when you finish a round do you still skip one chain (since it is a double crochet) or do you just continue doing it?

  160. courtney Says:

    just made a pair and these are awesome thanks for the pattern!!

  161. maryam5566 Says:

    i like your pattern better than others

  162. Renee Says:

    Love these.
    I made a pair in brown/pink. The pattern is easy to follow.

    Thank You!!!!

  163. Hope Says:

    love it! i saw your slippers on ravelry, and i couldn’t resist! i love ’em!

  164. T Says:

    When doing the decrease, is it a a dc1tog in American?

  165. kimbrell Says:

    These are so cute!!! Can’t wait to make them!!!

  166. gracy Says:

    Hi thanks for d pattern its lovely going to try it out for my grandchild hope i get it right thank you n god bless.

  167. julie Says:

    I just saw your pattern after searching quite a time. They are lovely! Thank you for sharing! You have such a kind heart. I am just a beginner and would give it a try. I will email you back if I encounter any problems. May you continue to be inspired inspite of the bad incidents that got posted.

  168. Anju M Says:

    i just made my second pair using this pattern. They look adorable and its so easy n quick 🙂 Thanks for pattern.

  169. Crochet Slippers | we make it beautiful Says:

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  170. Notgayluv2crochet (@Notgaycrochet) Says:

    Wish I would have read that this uses sc instead of dc. When I first tried making these I was laughing cuz the length could have fit over my skis. Doesn’t look like the author is replying to questions anymore.

  171. Zaynab Says:

    Très joli et merci pour l’explication….. je vais essayer de les commencer aujourd’hui meme.

  172. Stephanie Hamilton Says:

    I have to say out of all the slippers I’ve done these are my favorite but you have one problem in round three of the toe where it says to dc 6 then 3 in one then 7 then 3 in in the next and two more to make a total of 20 the first 6 should actually be 7 to make a total of 20 otherwise you will end up with 19

    • Calypso Says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment. Round three is actually “dc into each of next 6 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch, dc into each of next 7 stitches, 3 dc into next stitch, dc into next stitch” which makes 20 stitches, not 19. 🙂

  173. Crochet patterns,and sites « IAmOneWeAreThree Says:

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  174. julie Says:

    Hi Calypso! Nice to know you are still out there!
    I have made several slippers and have given them to as gifts to family members . Thank you for sharing. You have made so many people happy!

  175. Lisa Says:

    sitting here making these and (US DC) and they are like 10feet long! LOL. I just seen where dc in UK is SC in US. starting over.

  176. Ruminative Me. Says:

    Reblogged this on The Ruminative Me. and commented:
    love them…

  177. appunt Says:

    Reblogged this on A punt.

  178. Karrie Elizabeth Says:

    So excited, found you via allaboutami blog and just completed my left slipper…now on to the right. Thank you so much for this very simple pattern. I just know I have caught the slipper bug and will be spending my fall break crocheting many pairs 😉. I would say for gifts, but I love them so much I see myself in various colors….lol

  179. madi Says:

    Could you just use a smaller hook, for a smaller pair? for like a three year old?

    • Calypso Says:

      Yes you could, though I don’t know what size you’d use. I used the same yarn as I used in this pattern and a size 4 mm hook to make some for a 7 year old once. You could use a finer yarn and a smaller hook to make a smaller pair, and you could also make them shorter by crocheting fewer rows in the sole.

  180. KK Says:

    I just made my first pair, and I’m new a this. I started crocheting about 2 months ago. Very easy, love them. Getting ready to make more to give away on Christmas. Thanks so much!!!

  181. Jean Says:

    just finished my first pair of slippers for my grandaughter. I love them and will make a few more. thanks for the pattern….

  182. Ana Mistretta Says:

    I will be making several pairs. I am wheelchair bound and seldom wear shoes these are perfect

  183. Altapete Designs - Slippers! Says:

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  184. Josette Says:

    Just made my first slipper, I wear a size 10 and they fit pretty well. Thank you for sharing. Very easy directions to follow. Everyone is getting a pair for their birthday-5 sisters, in-laws and friends.

  185. Says:

    “Free pattern for crocheted Mary-Jane slippers The little
    house by the sea” was a very good post and thus I ended up
    being truly joyful to locate it. Thanks for the post-Taren

  186. Tracey Says:

    Darn, I wish I had read the comments before starting. I was using double crochet and made a ski slipper….It’s actually SC…I had no idea there was a difference until now…I think I will frog the middle back to 5 instead of 13 rows and try that out…might still fit human feet and not the Easter bunnies ;P

  187. Flora Isabel Retana (from Costa Rica) Says:

    Hi, I must confess that the instructions are somehow confusing,especially at the toe cap section. I am not exactly an experienced crocheter but I have worked quite a few projects. You might think I am kind of dumb. the row or round that I don´t understand is round 1. I don´t think that the language is a barrier in my case because,although I´m a Spanish speaking person, I learned English in the States, and taught it as a second language for years before I finally retired 2 years ago. And I understand the difference between double crochet (UK) and single crochet(USA).Really I love the look of those slippers, and would like to make them for myself. I¨d appreciate it if you just send me a little note clarifying it.

  188. Rachel Says:

    I would love to make these for my grandaughter. She’ll be a year next month but she is small. Her feet is over 4″ and she wears a size 3 shoe. Can u send me a pattern in her size or post sizes for children. Thank you.

  189. doodlebug Says:

    I found your pattern on Longest and thought it cute. I picked up my hook tonight and attempted it. I do have one question. Could you give measurements from the toe cap to the end for picture 3? I stitched mine up and it looks like it would fit an extremely long foot with proportionally tiny toes. Thanks!

  190. Elizabeth Says:

    It does fit a size 9.5 us

  191. general Says:

    I am truly grateful to the holder of this web page who has shared
    this fantastic article at at this time.

  192. lori alvarez Says:

    These are so cute. Can’t wait to make a pair. Always looking for little things for the grandmas. My girls also saw them and wanted matching pairs. Have you ever made a smaller size? Will send picture when i finish and if i can come up with a smaller size. Thanks again for sharing your craft. Isn’t it fun.

  193. Stacey Says:

    Thanks so much, I made these for my mum for Mother’s Day and she loved them!!!

  194. Chellie Says:

    I love these slippers.. i was really bored in the weekend and i started making these slippers 😀 they are awsome.. well first i went wrong and did an american double crochet and stuff.. so then i started all over again and completed it..( i stayed up all night )immma beginener soo this was really helpful ..yayay my feet never felt sssoo warm

  195. candis Says:

    Google Mary jane slippers n this the first one i clicked on grabbed my attention instantly.very cute but one question on the sole when u chain 1 n turn does chain 1 count as a dc of the 8 you suppose to do in that row?

  196. Project Mary Jane slippers, shelved | Sreisaat Adventures Says:

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    […] found a pattern from The Little House By the Sea and, by the looks of it, it is very easy to follow! Now I’m excited. I’m going to do a […]

  198. Therese Says:

    Thanks! I made a link to you in my blog.

  199. belleek Says:

    Hello, just found your blog by looking for crochet slippers and am now following you … I’ll put a link on my blog …
    Can’t wait to crochet these!

  200. Nance Says:

    I just started crochet’n and slightly understand the conversion from the UK to US, but am having a hard time with the dc2tog I understand it to be sc2tog and still dont have the orrrect amount of stitches …what am I doing wrong??

  201. Katy S. Says:

    Just finished my first pair of these!! I used a bulkier yarn so I decreased the number of rows across the sole of the slipper & decreased the same amount on the sides as well. They turned out wonderfully! These are going to make a great birthday present for my Aunt 🙂 Thank you so much!

  202. Angelique Gonzales Says:

    These are the first crochet slippers I’ve ever made, that actually fit properly! Thank you for such a cute, precise, and thorough pattern!

  203. ashley Says:

    thanks a bunches. a lot of patterns were very hard to understand. but your pictures help. love love love these.

  204. DeShae Says:

    I love these slippers and I’m having a hard time figuring this pattern out. From row20 and after my slipper is not looking like the picture at all. Posting a video would be of great help!

  205. Kaitlyn Says:

    I just want to say that I wear size 11 in US womens, and the 5mm gauge hook made the perfect size for me, granted I stretched it. Just so you know!

  206. Sasha Says:

    First of all, love how simple this was for me to do. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit me and I am a size 8 womens US. They seem like they’d fit more of a womans size 6US. Will try again and see if they fit the second time. Love the pattern!! Thank u.

  207. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m off to buy some cotton today to make these. Do you think i could wear them in the office?

  208. Francine Says:

    Thanks for a great pattern. I’m making them for xmas gift. I doubled sock yarn and used a 5mm hook. After testing size on my daughter, turned out a little too long, I’m starting over leaving out a few rows . It’s not a problem as they are quite quick to do.

  209. Jenn Oaks Says:

    these were so cute I just had to make a pair. So easy to make up. Thank-You.

  210. janice Says:

    I’m a new crocheter and have struggled with this pattern. Sometimes it turns out and sometimes it doesn’t. I think the trouble starts when I do the last 6 rows before the contrasting yarn. I count 26 then 16 at the toe cap not 17 then 26 again and 4 at the back and its downhill from there. The slipper gets twisted out of shape when it doesn’t work yet I’ve made 4 pairs that did work. I’m so frustrated not being able to figure out where I go wrong. HELP PLEASE.

    • christina Says:

      Make sure you are using the markers like she does in the pictures and count perfectly and it will come out right

  211. The Closet Quilter · Slippers Says:

    […] I saw the Mary Jane Slipper pattern from the little house by the sea, I knew I had to make […]

  212. szymski Says:

    i keep ripping out the first slipper and redoing it, but no matter what, it always ends up doing this (i mark the last stitch of each row and count every stitch in each row):

    the last stitch of each row ends up being one stitch prior to the last stitch of the previous row; thus, i can’t really start the sole. row 6 may be 24 stitches long but there are 25 stitches: the last stitch from row 5 is still there. i see no evidence of slip stitches. if i don’t crochet into the LAST eight stitches of row six–i keep trying to figure things out from your photos but can’t see the toe head-on, but i think you have it done so that the first row lies ACROSS the toes–i will end up with a diagonal tip.

  213. Paula Jean Winters Says:

    Can you use this for a sock monkey slipper he wears a size 15 shoe so i would need it for 16 .

  214. Keep calm and crochet on | See Michelle Sew Says:

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  217. danielle Says:

    Love it , thank you so much for sharing, I was looking for acute modern pattern for the past week, just love them , will posf a picture soon

  218. Elaine Bittencourt Says:

    I simply love love this pattern! I have made a few of them!!

  219. Elaine Bittencourt Says:

    I have a question though. How would I go about making a double sole for it? I want to sandwich a piece of felt in between two soles to make it more comfy.

  220. Hand Crochet Bikinis Design Blog Says:

    Mary Jane Slippers Crochet Pattern

    […] 2 years ago. And I understand the difference between double crochet (UK) and si […]

  221. nitio Says:

    love the slippers been wanting to make a pair for quite sometime. Having problems getting the pattern to load. thanks

  222. Hear Ye! | Raising Jane Journal Says:

    […] Here is a link to the website where I found the free pattern (for personal use only). […]

  223. milesdontmatter Says:

    I’m about to try this out! So excited! 🙂

  224. Cute DIY Crochet Slippers | Miles Don't Matter Says:

    […] started one evening, relying on Youtube videos and this great pattern that I found on this cute WordPress blog. I had the next day off, and by noon, my cute new slippers were on my feet. The […]

  225. milesdontmatter Says:

    I did this project (with some minor alterations) and loved it! There are some pictures of it on my blog if anyone wants to check it out :).

  226. Babbucce anche per i piedoni!! | VioletaB Says:

    […] queste le avete già viste in giro, io comunque le cito, non si sa mai! Le ha fatte Calypso e le mostra nel suo blog The little house […]

  227. Elaine Bittencourt Says:

    I have made this slippers so many times, I love it!

  228. Margaret Stieber Says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesome Mary Jane slippers. I’m having a problem understanding the “Upper” instructions. Not sure what how to determine the ‘row end’ that makes up the 26 stitches that I should be doing a dc into each row end. Help please.

    Thank you,
    Maggie from the Lowcountry SC (USA)

  229. Hurrah for Public Transport (and Preparations for a Homemade Christmas) | The Un-paving Paradise Project Says:

    […] will be wrapped with home made soaps and bath bombs) and pine cone decorations. Last year I made two pairs of these lovely slippers, and will also make a couple more pairs for friends and family for this year. It’s a simple, […]

  230. Lil Monkey Says:

    Love this made me a pair in 1 day. But added a pom pom on the top and instead of a button i did a small button flower looking thing. Wish i could up load pics

  231. Crocheted Slippers - with roundup! - Sugar Bee Crafts Says:

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  235. Diann Ferris Says:

    Just finished the left one. This pattern and tutorial are excellently presented. The pictures are the key. Now I’m a “slipper makin fool”Thank u so much for sharing. I’m about to move from Florida to Alaska so I know I won’t get cold feet!!

  236. Liz* Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!

  237. kerrie Says:

    Please please please do a youtube vid on these, particularly how you place the stitch markers. Awesome design thanks so much for your generosity in sharing xx

  238. DIY Crochet Women Slippers Patterns | Says:

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  242. Anshu Says:

    Hi Calypso,

    Your pattern fascinated me. I just love it. I want to make this pattern for my 6 year old daughter( shoe size US 1.5 to 3) 8″. After reading all the comments I am thinking that a 4.5 or 5 mm hook will give me the appropriate size. But should I make any changes in the pattern? Please advise.

  243. Crocheted Mary-Jane slippers!!! | Says:

    […] […]

  244. cattycay Says:

    Reblogged this on gottagetagift and commented:
    Great slipper pattern. I especially like that they are worked in one piece without seams!

  245. DIY Crochet Slipper Patterns {7 Free Designs} Says:

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  246. Receita: Sapatilha de Crochê para Adulto (Mary Jane) | Amo Crochê Says:

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  247. Eileen Says:

    Love anything with cats. Ty

  248. 101 Simple Crochet Projects {Handmade Gifts} Says:

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  249. Melissa Says:

    Your pattern says DC at the beginning but the pics obviously show sc?

    • Katy Ann Says:

      In her instructions just under the first set of slipper pics, she says the slippers are made in double crochet (single crochet if your American). So that means her pattern is written in European English.

  250. Crochet Mary Jane Slippers | Crochetophile's Parlor Says:

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    […] This is not my favourite time of year. It is grey and cold and the only sensible response seems to be to stay inside drinking tea and making woolly things. Recently for me, this has meant slippers. These are a lovely little project for people who are relatively new to crochet. I based mine on a popular pattern from another blog: […]

  253. Marie Hamel Says:

    Thank u for free Mary Jane slippers in crochet. I love them!!!!

  254. 10 Awesome DIY Crochet Slippers Says:

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  256. Yomandi Smit Says:

    I like to make slipper but im a beginner. Can someone help me please. Thank you. Have a gr8 week

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  260. Lily Says:

    I tend to have very tight stitches so I was worried these wouldn’t fit my size 9.5 feet (41.5 euro). I used aran weight yarn and a size 6 mm hook, following the same instructions and the sizing came out perfect. I also love how fast these came together. Thank you for sharing!

  261. Hyacinth Jaminet Says:

    I have recently started a blog, the information you provide on this website has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  262. 12 Free crochet slipper patterns – AnnyMay Says:

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  264. Büşra Says:

    Tunus işi patik modeli için sitemizi ziyaret edebilirsiniz

  265. Jesse Grillo Says:

    Crazy weird, this page was already running when I started my lap top. My bestie enjoys your article. It is like you wrote the book on it or something. Do not get afraid to spread your thoughts. Exceptionally well written!

  266. Ivana Soucier Says:

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  267. Julee Says:

    I’m relatively new to crochet and don’t understand the continuous spiral, could I make a magic circle instead? If so, how could I modify the first few rows?

  268. Slippers with a Twist Free Crochet Pattern | Your Crochet Says:

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  270. Faith Says:

    Thanks for creating this blog. It was of great help to me due to what I was searching for online.To get more tips on check out this site

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  276. Ron Ridings Says:

    The 2007 pleasure starts August 25 and operates till September 3. Paul Darden feels himself fortunate as he has managed to beat the odds. This is exactly where the arms war starts: a continuous cycle of learning and manipulating.

  277. 30 Free Crochet Slipper Patterns for Adults • Oombawka Design Crochet Says:

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